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Specialising in data quality and data transformation, Protodata solves data problems and provides robust data solutions to Australian business, government and not-for-profit organisations.   Our range of services and tools can be used to improve your organisation's data management practices.

Let us help you to successfully use your data to achieve your goals.

Data Quality

Protodata works closely with clients to provide them with the tools they need to maintain their own data quality on an ongoing basis.   We provide auditable, repeatable and replicable data quality and data transformation solutions.   Let us help you to improve the quality of your data by formatting, cleansing, validating, merging and identifying duplicates in your data using tools that allow you total visibility and control.

Ask us about our Quality Assessment of your CRM data.

Data Migration

We provide source-to-target mapping that documents the relationship between the old and new systems and details how your data will be modified so that it can be loaded into your new system.   The transformation rules are clearly documented and able to be reviewed and approved by you.   You will also receive a record of the data transformations, enabling you to easily review the old and new data sets.

Migrating to a new CRM?   Let us handle the data transformation for you.